• Astrological benefits of wearing Pukhraj – The Yellow Sapphire

    In the gemstone world, Yellow Sapphire is regarded as Lord of all gems. As the name suggest, Pukhraj means a 'yellow gem'. In the Holy Scriptures, sapphire is consistently described as being around the Throne of God. As medieval times passed to modern, the importance of gemstone in astrology for healing properties has significantly increased....

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  • Why is Certification of Gemstones is Important?

    In today’s competitive world, where authenticity and credibility of a brand matters, so does certified gemstones. Buyers want to take an informed and confident decision before investing into a precious gemstone and thus ask sellers for valid gemstone certification.

    Fake Gemstone Certifications

    With a plethora of gem-testing laboratories flourishing in the recent few years, it...

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  • Things to keep in mind when buying Astrological Gemstones Online

    Gone are the days when gemstones were commonly worn as jewellery. With time people have started realizing the immense benefits that it brings along with it and further adorn them for a different purpose i.e. to change their fortune. Perhaps the reason why they hold a wide recognition today for good luck and success.  

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  • How to Reduce Health Issues with Gemstones

    Did you know that gemstones have several health benefits? If we have to look back into history, there are a lot of references related to gemstones and their effects, and one of them being about gemstones having positive impact on health.

    Usually, people assume that gemstones can be best used as a jewellery item only....

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  • Your Gemstone is Certified, but is it Genuine - 5 Tests your Gemstone should pass!

    Are you able to make out the difference between real gemstones and fake gemstones?

    With over 200 varieties of gems available online, it’s simply impossible to recognize!  Many people out of ignorance end up buying the fake gemstones and bear the adverse consequences later on in their life.

    In addition to this, there are times...

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  • How to Control and Reduce Anger and Stress with Gemstones

    Perfection is a myth! Everyone has certain flaws that sometimes get reflected in our behavior. Anger is one of them, too difficult to tame. It brings out the worst in people and can lead to unwanted stress in daily life. You lose your peace of mind and end up making decisions haphazardly. Thus, life becomes...

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