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Have you ever thought that the gemstone you are wearing- is it real? Or do you have the art of differentiate between a real and a fake gemstone? Generally, one relies on his/her astrologer or jeweler for buying a gemstone, but it has been found that at most of the occasions, you feel cheated.

To find out a genuine gem from a fake gem, usually one required a microscope, a 10xloupe and many other gem testing equipment, but today, we will tell you how to detect a fake gem. Though, these techniques are not full proof but yes they are quite handy and easy to follow. Formula 1: Combination Stones: There are many kinds of combination gems found in the market. Combination gem means a combination of fake and Real Gemstone which are also known as 'doublet'.

In doublets, the upper side of a gem remains real while a fake gem or glass is fixed on the lower side of the same gem, these are also called glassed filled gemstones. Most of times, rubies are being treated under the glass filled method. It is also found that triplets are being used to treat a gemstone. Under triplets, a gem is divided in three parts.

The upper and the lower part remain a natural gem while a glass is been added in the middle part of the gemstone. Sometimes, many gemologists and jewelers are also unable to detect triplets because top and the bottom of the gem remain natural gem. It is not difficult to detect a combination stone. One just require a tweezer and a glass of water. First of all, fill water upto ¾ level, then hold the gem with a tweezers and immerse it in the water. You will be able to see all the different layers in the gemstone.

Supposedly, if it is a doublet, you will be able to see two different parts in the gemstone. While in triplet, you can see three different layers. Formula 2: Refraction: Refraction is a phenomenon of reduction in the velocity of light in denser materials. In simple terms, gems are divided in two kinds: singly refractive gems and double refraction gems.

One can check the refraction of a gemstone through a candle. Another point to keep in mind is that only transparent gems can be tested under this method, opaque gems won't pass this test. At first, lit a candle in a dark corner of the room, then hold the gemstone with a tweezer and put it adjacent to the candle flame. The gem should be far enough from the flame so that it doesn't heat up. Now, see the flame though the gemstone. If a gemstone is doubly refractive, one can observe two layers of the flame. Similarly, if the gemstone is singly refractive then only one flame will be visible. Most of the popular gems are double refractive like emerald, Yellow Sapphire, blue sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, amethyst, zircon, peridot, aquamarine, and many more. Singly refractive gems are diamond, garnet, spines, glass, etc.

Most of the times it has been observed, natural gems, which are doubly refractive, there simulants are single refractive. It's the similar case with single refractive gemstones. Glass which is single refractive is being used a duplicate or simulant for yellow sapphire, ruby, Blue Sapphire – which are double refractive gems. So go ahead and check your gems. But keep it in mind that these are just methods check the authenticity of a gem but don't consider them as a guarantee. Always buy a gem which is certified from a reputed laboratory and sold by a reputed website. At www.gemkart.com, all gemstones are genuine and tested by professional gemologist.


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